How To Get Search Engine Friendly Backlinks

Backlinks are buzzwords for the internet marketers. Search engine friendly backlinks are vital to take your pages into search engine ranking. There are many kinds of backlinks. Among them, the natural backlinks are most important to bring your pages to the SERPs. So, you have to understand what seo friendly backlinks are. And how they impact to your site.

However friends, today I will basically show you the definition of Search engine friendly backlinks and how you will be benefited by them for getting a tremendous result. Okay, take a look on the below points:

What do you mean by Backlinks?

Backlinks that are also called inbound links or incoming links, in easy terms Backlinks are links that redirect your website form another website. For example, think there are two websites, website A and website B. Now Website site A has some interesting content on one of its web-pages, the webmaster of website B see that and put that webpage link in this website B, so website A got a back link form website A.

Yes, building Backlinks are this much easy, you just need to put your webpage or website links to others website so visitors and search engine can come to your site by following that link, you can do that by submitting articles, commenting on a blog, posting on a forum and many more ways. But not yet, why ? Because, as Google, the search engine giant puts extra caution to its algorithm to prevent spam. If you randomly try to build irrelevant Backlinks overnight, Google will ditch you. So you need to know proper way to build SEO friendly backlinks better to say Google friendly backlinks.

Search engine friendly backlinks means, to create backlinks that will have good value to Google, that will not come form a spam, low authority site, like creating backlinks from high page rank sites, that will have good PA and DA. While searching for sites to do back links keep your eye on these factors :

  • Page Rank should be above 4-6
  • PA and DA is Above 50
  • Page Index should be above 50K
  • Try to do “Dofollow” Backlinks

How SEO Friendly Backlinks Impact Your Site?

If you can do backlinks form good site it will sure bring good impact to your site, as Search Engine Giant Google value Backlinks from High PR (Page Rank) website. It’s like giving your website a vote. Like, Website A has all the above factors and to that website a you created a Backlink, so Google will value you and take it as a Vote for your website. But if you get Backlinks from a low quality website or blog or forum, as website that do not have good PR or PA/DA. Those sites are known as spam site and then Google will also see you as a low quality website and may ditch you.

Where to do Natural Backlinks?

Yes, this is a common question that appears in the mind. Naturl backlinks can be built to some following sites, like:

  • Article Submission Site
  • Directory Site
  • Social Bookmarking Site
  • Forum Site
  • Blog site

How to find sites for Search Engine Friendly Backlinks Building Sites?

This is the step that is the hardest part of building Backlinks, as you need to search millions of website to find the best sites to build you links. If your Keyword is “Sports Socks” and you search by it you will see


That there is about 77,700,000 results, OMG!!! Is that possible to search like this? Literary, no one has this much time or man power to look on every single results. So how to do?

There is some short and easy way to find the website that you need to build Backlinks. To do this you need to use “Site:” command while you search, also you need to decide how you want to create Backlinks. If you want to submit an Article and thus you want to get Backlinks then you need to find Article Submission Site and to find this, in your Search box you need write Site:”Submit Article” and search you will get only results for site that allows you to submit article. Then you can check other parameters and submit your article that will contain your inbound links. Like this you can use other kind of sites that will allow you find what you need like:

  • Site:”Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers”
  • Site:”Blogs that Accept Articles”
  • Site:”Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”
  • Site:”Forum”
  • Site:“Powered by WordPress”
  • Site:”Powered by Blogger”

Still this manual search it not too much specific for what you are looking for or this method still kills a huge amount of time. So, to reduce your work load and to get more relevant sites to build Backlinks you can use some online tools, in my view LinkSearching is a great free tool to find site for Backlinks that will sure reduce the work load and can get you sites that are more relevant to your needs.



Search Engine Friendly Backlinks - How you get them from LinkSearching
How LinkSearching Works

Warnings !!!

While planning to do backings you need to be cautious. As this Backlinks is very important for a site to gain its authority in the search results and the same way, if you do not do it right, it will take you to the bottom of the search results. To avoid such unwanted scenario you can follow some rules, like:

  • Avoid spam site
  • Do backlinks regularly
  • Avoid create 1000s of Backlinks over night
  • Use good content for article submission

I always emphasize the building of search engine friendly backlinks because these are the strongest bond for a site. Don’t try to manipulate your backlinks. It drastically hampers your site. In creating SEO oriented backlinks you have to be patient as this process cannot bring success over night. But, you will be benefited and succeeded permanently by following the methods of user friendly backlinks that I have mentioned above.

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