What Is Link Building Footprint?

Link building footprints are very important to get the link building sites by using the particular search commands in the search engine search box. Link footprint is just an art to find the exact queries from the search engine. Look at the example below:

Suppose- you want to dig out some sites “powered by WordPress” and these sites are about “weight loss”. If you write your query in Google.com in simple ways, he does not show you any exact result what you want in the SERP (search engine result page). So, you have to write this query as like as a formula. See the below:

“powered by WordPress” intitle: weight loss

This is a footprint clue to look for a particular site as your expectation.

Just type this footprint in Google.com and you can see thousands of sites related to weight loss and powered by WordPress.

If you want to get Joomla site, just write Joomal instead WordPress.

“powered by Joomla ” intitle: weight loss

Now google shows you tons of sites on weight loss that are made with Joomla. And if you want to get the site on diabetes and made with WordPress, you have to write it:

“powered by WordPress” intitle: diabetes

Now you will get thousands of websites powered by WordPress about diabetes.

Thus, there are lots of link building footprints from simple to complex pattern that you can use to get your exact search queries from search engines.

If you want to get those sites that also allow you to make commenting, you can use this footprint:

diabetes “allowed HTML tags:”

Now Google brings lots of sites for you related to weight loss and they give you scope for giving comments by adding HTML. Thus, you will get more engagement of your audiences.

Suppose, you again want to get sites with the extension of.Gov, .com, .Org, etc, you can use your footprint:

“site: gov” “powered by WordPress” intitle: diabetes

Now Google gives you hundreds of diabetes sites created with WordPress by Govt.

At the end, it can be said that link footprints are one kind of search queries that you can put into a search engine to get sites based on your search query. Many say that link building footprint is an advanced SEO. And the truth is that the usage of footprints is mostly applied by the SEO experts or webmaster for creating backlinks or link building.

Anyway the guys, share your ideas by commenting. It will help others to be more clear and I appreciate your ideas. Next I will come with how Google uses link building footprints to give you the deep results. Have a good link building pattern.

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