10 Best Competitor Analysis Tools

Have you imagined once how will be your business without analyzing the competitors? I think it is absolutely not possible to structure a reliable and strong onlinecampaign without researching the competitive factors.

To analyze the competitors is not easy with raw hands. You can use some tools that will allow analyzing the competitive trends perfectly and in full view. The competitor analysis tools also save you time.

That’s why; I am sharing here top 10 competitor analysis tools that give you the ultimate guide how to improve your site considering the competitive performances and success.

Anyway, let me tell you the best competitor analysis tools.



It is a cool competitive analysis tool and software. They are expert in analyzing competitor for 15 years. This tool mainly helps to find the opportunities, competitor’s gaps and achieve a benchmark success after analyzing your competitors.

SEO Book Competitive Research Tools


It is one of the best free tools for researching search engine marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and overall it gives you all reports after analyzing your competitors’ situation. This tool has a pro version that offers more effective competitor research.



The SEMrush’s competitive analysis tool is a favorite stuff to many marketers to research their competitors. It shows you the insight factors, organic keywords report, advertising, keywords/campaigns, backlink structure and many other important measurements of your competitors.



SimilarWeb is an ideal tool for the marketers to analyze their competitor’s strategies. It finds your business opportunities after analyzing your competitor’s gaps, marketing campaigns, SEO policies, and other areas where you can improve your business or campaigns.

Google Alerts


Google Alerts is one of the most usable toolkits to keep your eyes on your competitor’s update, analyze where the competitors are getting acquired milestones, how they are building links. Besides, it shows you content guidelines, link plan, guest post creation, and social network usages of your competitors.

Google Advanced Search Operators


Google Advanced Search Operators is for them who want advanced analysis of their competitors. It gives you organic analysis and insight factors of your competitors. It also shows how your competitors are building backlinks and making relation over the web. And suggest improving yourself.



spyfu is a most used competitive analysis tool because it gives you organic search factors, paid search ad options and keywords of your competitors. Besides, it provides an historical analysis of your competitor’s performance that helps you to go ahead of them.

Free Competitor Analysis Tool – Competitor Website Analyzer


The biggest benefit of using this tool is you can easily and quickly analyze your website comparing to your competitors website. Then this tool shows you where you should improve and where you are already ahead of your competitors.

Keyword Eye


It’s a competitor and visual keyword analysis tools. This tool shows you the keywords and ranking factors of your competitors that basically helps you improve your site. It also analyzes your site’s contents and monitors the trends of your competitors.



Adbeatshows you a set of reports and dashboards analysis of your competitors focusing the contextual ads. Besides, you will get a list of top competitors, ad network activities, trending performances and many more news related to your competitors.

If you like the above best competitor analysis tools, don’t forget to share it. If you have used any new tools, also mention it on the comment. This will also help others.

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