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9 Best Free Online Broken Link Checker Tool

Broken link damages your site hugely. The correction of dead links can expand the traffic and revenue in a large amount. To check the broken link manually takes vast times. Therefore, you need a good broken link checker that will crawl your whole webpages to find out the inactive links.

When any link takes you to somewhere that has no pages at all or shows 404 error message. This is called broken or dead links.

There are many causes of broken links. Such as- the target webpage is not available, the page is deleted or the permalink has been changed or modified that has not been redirected.

Best Free Online Broken Link Checker Tool

Anyway, broken link is very unpleasing to the visitors and most of the time they return. So, it kills lots of traffic to enter your site. The more broken links can decrease even your ranking, when the visitors subsequently get dead links.

That’s why; you always take steps to update your links.

See below some best free online broken link checker tool to allow you to find out the dead links and repair them to get back the previous state.

1. Online Broken Link Checker

Check your blogs and websites to find out the dead links. You can scan an unlimited number of web pages. It works for both external and internal links. It indicates the broken links in your webpage’s HTML section. The tool runs on Windows, iOS, Linux / UNIX, and Mac OS X. You can scan up to 3000 pages for free, but hyperlinks in those pages are unlimited.

2. Dead Link Checker

It is a completely free online broken link checker. Dead Link Checker crawls your site thoroughly and finds out all the dead links that are affecting your site. It has two options- MULTI CHECK to check multiple sites, and AUTO CHECK to check your site on a regular interval and report you.

3. Xenu Link Sleuth

It is an excellent broken link checker handy app for free. Checking broken links is a boring work, but Xenu’s Link Sleuth has made it easy for you. It takes the root webpage and checks that fully to find out the broken links from scanning through every single page and link. You can customize your filters and this tool has many active configuration to look for all the dead links.

4. W3C Link Validation Tool

This tool finds out the problems related to anchors, links, web pages, CSS, and frequently to your whole website. To get the best output, first ensure that it is using CSS and Valid (X) HTML Markup. This free broken link checker is a part of Quality Web Tool and W3C’s Validators.

5. Google Webmaster Tools

It is the best free broken link checker tool from Google. It works beyond the link checking. The crawl section of Google Webmaster shows you various indexing, sitemap and crawling related errors.

6. WP Plugin for Broken Link Check

This tool finds out the broken links, missing images and other mistakes after checking the posts, contents, comments and images, and notifies you. This checker is more popular in WordPress sites.

7. Power Mapper Link Checker

SortSite is a very popular tool for testing broken links free. It finds out the broken links and other problems by testing your whole website. It not only checks broken links, but also detects server configuration problems, and tests the mistakes or errors of ASP/ASPX/PHP script.

8. Check My Links Google Chrome Page Checking Plugin

Check My Link is a popular plugin for them who are using Google Chrome. It detects the dead links by crawling the entire webpage. It is a Chrome extension and especially wonderful for the content editors, web designers or developers.

9. Link Checker

Link Checker is totally free and checks the dead or broken links after crawling your whole web pages or documents. It is a GPL licensed website checker and runs on Python 2 systems, and requires Python 2.7.2 or later, but does not support Python 3 yet.

That’s all the best free online broken link checker tool. Test your webpages regularly to find out the errors and correct them. Thus, you can keep your site right to the search engines and visitors.

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