About Us

LinkSearching.com is a free online tool to find powerful websites for building backlinks. It helps you without any payment to look for relevant, natural, effective, right and authority sites so that you can easily create relevant backlinks for your site. Generally, building backlinks takes much time and you have to remember some search techniques or symbols that are known as footprints.

You need write your footprints and search them in search engines, and they show you some sites where you can drop the links of your site. The process is just a little bit time-consuming and monotonous. But, Linksearching.com helps you to search your targeted websites within a minute.

Linksearching.com has a database of different kinds of footprints that are very effective to create a variety type of backlinks like blog commenting, web 2.0, article submission, social bookmarking, forum posting, guest blogging, web directory submission, video or image sharing etc.

Linksearching.com is a very easy and helpful web application. It finds the websites as your prescribed keywords. By using this free online tool, you can search the relevant websites where you can build your niche backlinks. At first put your targeted keywords. Then, choose from the dropdown menu what kind of backlinks you want to create. For an example- if you like to find blog commenting sites, choose the blog commenting. Here you can decide what kind of blog commenting you like to do and you will have a number of options like Blogger, WordPress, Drupal and other CM platforms for backlink building. Then, click on the search button and the Google search box automatically shows you what you wanted. Linksearching.com will show you a list of 100 websites in a single page. Now just build your backlinks to your targeted websites.

Thus, Linksearching.com helps you freely to find relevant, reliable, solid and authority websites for building backlinks for your website without any hassles. And, you can use our tool as often as you want.