20+ Best Free SEO Tools to Bring Your Pages in SERPs

Today, I am going to share you 20 best free SEO tools which is the most popular and efffective tools and software in the SEO world. The success of the marketers comes out of the proper analysis of SEO. To reach the real perspectives of SEO is not as simple as you think. Or it is not really possible to take the solid SEO strategies from the brain hammering. You need to take help from various online SEO tools, instruments, or software that can give you the business-oriented data and report after analyzing your given information.

In this post you will get the concepts about your keywords, competitive situation, running trend of your targeted keywords, the future trends, indexing of your pages, how your pages are progressing and all other basic and advanced information.

  1. LinkSearching – Link Building Tools
  2. Majictic SEO Tool
  3. Ahref SEO Tools
  4. Small SEO Tools
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Google WebMaster Tool
  7. Keyword Tool.io
  8. CopyScape
  9. Google Page Speed
  10. Pingdom tool
  11. SEOBook Rank Tracker
  12. Shema Creator tool
  13. Motoricerca Robot.txt checker tool
  14. SEO Quoke
  15. Ubersuggest Keyword tool
  16. UriValet
  17. Wordstream Free Keyword Tools
  18. XML-Sitemaps.com
  19. Keyword Eye
  20. MozBar
  21. Open Site Explorer
  22. Screaming Frog
  23. SEMrush

1. LinkSearching- Free Backlinks Building Tools


LinkSearching is the best free seo tools to find powerful websites for building backlinks. It helps you without any payment to look for relevant, natural, effective, right and authority sites so that you can easily create relevant backlinks for your site. Generally, building backlinks manually takes much time and you have to remember some search techniques or symbols that are known as SEO footprints. Now it is very easy and not time consuming to search a site for creating backlinks because we used the auto footprint techniques in our tools that give you thousands of trusted sites in a second.

2. Majestic SEO Tool- Marketing Search Engine and SEO Backlink Checker

Majestic is the biggest professional and commercial link building database system. It is one of the best SEO tools for the online marketing research and checking the backlinks. It is a top SEO analysis software for internet marketers, affiliate holders, online media specialists, and SEO strategists. Majestic is undoubtedly good for the news monitoring, website traffic development, competitor analysis, backlink creation, and reputation management.

3. Ahrefs SEO Tool – Site Explorer & Backlink Checker


I personally use Ahrefs SEO tool free for checking my backlinks. It gives me right data exploration, user-oriented interface, update data every 15 minutes and lots of link indexings. For this reason, it is the most strong SEO free tool on the internet for checking your links. The links include linking domains, internal and new links, the best pages of a domain and anchors.

4. Small SEO Tools- Best Free SEO Tools


I use this tool for checking my content plagiarism. I think it is the largest free plagiarism checker.It gives 59 SEO analysis and reports for free, including  Plagiarism Checker, Article Rewriter, Keyword Position, Online Ping Website Tool, Backlink Checker, Link Tracker, Backlink Maker, Google PageRank Checker, Reverse IP Domain Check and much more SEO options.

5. Google Analytics- Web Analytics & Reporting


Google Analytics offers you both free and premium analysis and reports for your website. It mainly deals with the tracking and reporting the traffics of a website. It is now the biggest, mostly used and strongest tool for the web traffic analytics. I always use Google Analytics to get the information about my site’s traffic.

6. Google Webmaster Tools


Another best free seo tool is Google Webmaster. You know Google Webmaster Tools is a free SEO tool for the webmasters. The webmasters can check their site’s page indexing status and visibility optimization for more improvement. By the tools of it, you can do the following analysis and works:

  • Sitemap submitting and checking.
  • Crawl rate checking and setting.
  • How Googlebot approaches a particular site, you can see it.
  • txt file generating and checking.
  • Discover the pages blocked in robots.txt.
  • The list of internal and external pages.
  • The list of broken links.
  • And all other statistics for site indexing and optimizing of site visibility.

7. Keyword Tool.io- FREE Alternative to Google Keyword Planner


Keyword Tool.io is a no-charge online keyword finder and researcher. It is able to give you hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords by using Google Autocomplete. Keyword Tool.io is the best alternative to the Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest. Why? See the reasons below:

  • It gives about 750+ suggestions for a keyword.
  • Not a single error. It is the most trusted for keyword analysis with 99.99% correction.
  • It’s absolutely free.

8. CopyScape- Plagiarism Checker, Duplicate Content Detection Software


CopyScape is one of the most used and top software for checking plagiarism. It is a free tool, but if you want to go into more insight, you have an option to use its premium version. CopyScape is completely able to detect duplicate article placing anywhere on the internet. Indigo Stream Technologies, Ltd. started it from 2004. The content publishers or owners use it for detecting their theft or fraud content.

9. Google Page Speed Tools


A huge engagement of the visitors, retention of them and conversions become easy if your site is optimized and fast loading.Google Page Speed Tools mainly does optimize and analyze the websites by using the best practices of a web. This tool increases your site’s performance. Google Page Speed Tools come into 2 ways, like PageSpeed Insights Tools that allow you to detect the best performance practices. And another one is PageSpeed Optimization Tools by that you can automate your site procession.

10. Pingdom Tools- Website Speed Test


Website speed is a great issue to perform your site best. And Pingdom Tools works with your site page speed. Pingdom Tools is another one of the best SEO tools that give you reports about the speed and performance of your site by analyzing them. Pingdom Tool finds the mistakes and shows you the solution how to speed up your site. The tool is easy to use both for the experts and newbies.

11. SEOBook- Rank Tracker Toos & Keyword Rank Checking Software


You can work with it both for free and paid. You can track the rank of your websites in the SERPs for the major keywords. You can also measure the trends of your site versus your competitors or you can only analysis your own marketing performances to evaluate your marketing usefulness.

12. Shema Creator Tool- Easiest Way to Create HTML with Schema.Org Microdata


The search engines take the contents in HTML based on structured data into a good consideration. Google and other search engines developed a structured data parameter known as schema.org. There are many usable Schemas of search engines that you can use to create Schema. After creating Schema, just copy and paste the code to your website.

13. Motoricerca Robot.txt Checker Tool

robots.txt checker

The webmaster creates robots.txt files to indicate the directories and files of a website so that the spiders of search engines or google cannot enter into. Motoricerca, an Italian non-profit robots.txt analyzer helps you to optimize your website and the positioning of search engines. Their robots.txt checker based on a validator analyzes the robots.txt file syntax to observe whether its frame is reasonable as established by Robot Exclusion or if it contains errors.

14. SEOquake- SEO Toolbar, Extension, Plugin for Mozilla, Chrome, Opera


SEOquake is a free tool for analyzing your site’s & Competitor’s SEO. This free SEO tool helps you to get various statistics based on a different number of parameters, including Alexa, Google index, page rank, Bing index, SEMrush etc. It is a complete small extension or addons for getting the total SEO information about your site.

15. Ubersuggest Keyword Tool- Keyword Suggestion & Google Suggest Scraper


Ubersuggest is another great SEO tool to research keywords. It can give you lots of necessary and essential keyword ideas based on a particular keyword according to the search trends. I personally use it to get related or synonymous terms for my main keywords. It helps me greatly to get LSI.

16. URI Valet- Test Page Load Times & Check Server Headers

URI Valet

URI Valet software is used as a termination of tools to help performing technical audits, overall document quality control and website reviews. You will have the below facilities with this tool:

  • Server Headers Checking
  • Popular User-Agents (UAs) Selection
  • Effective Objects
  • Time to Download
  • Details of Object
  • Verification for Internal Link
  • Verification for External Link

17. Wordstream Free Keyword Tools


It is a top free tool for the marketers to find out their keywords, keyword analysis, keyword grouping, negative keywords and long-tail keyword terms. This tool of Wordstream is an integrated, very effective and powerful to bring out the best keyword data from millions of keyword information and can work beyond your capabilities.

18. XML-Sitemaps.com- Build Your Site Map Online (XML, ROR, Text, HTML)


Now it is very easy to create your Google sitemap with this tool. You can build an XML sitemap for submitting to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. You can create a Text sitemap to get a plain list of all your pages. You can also create a ROR sitemap, and HTML sitemap. This online software is free for 500 pages and premium beyond this amount.

19. Keyword Eye- Competitor & Visual Keyword Research Tools


This SEO tool gives you the information with fast, affordable, logical keywords and competitor data. This data helps you to go with your SEO projects and PPC campaigns in the profitable ways.Keyword Eye helps you lots of your digital marketing and content marketing programs. You will get the following jobs easily in the best ways:

  • Researching keywords is now very simple. It adds a new dimension to your keyword research.
  • Competitor analysis is on your hands.
  • Find out the keywords used by your competitors.
  • Analyze and gather the content trends on your site.

20. MozBar SEO Tools


You can do the below tasks by MozBar:

  • Obtain the vital SEO metrics in a second while using the web.
  • Custom searches can be created by region, city, country or search engines.
  • Analyze the difficult to rank a keyword.
  • Reveal the page elements with the page overlay analysis.
  • Preview and validate the schema.org, authorship, and other markup in the browser.
  • See the social trends of Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

21. Open Site Explorer- Tools for New Link Building Opportunities


Open Site Explorer SEO Tools made your link prospecting tasks more automatic and easier. You can generate a campaign to track the link profile of your site over and again, with a Fresh Web Explorer against where you are mentioned on the web with or without a link. And against the competitors find the new link opportunities.

22. Screaming Frog – Crawler Software and SEO Spider Tool


The SEO Spider of Screaming Frog is a small functionality for desktop, like PC, Mac etc. This tool crawls the script, apps, links, CSS and images of the websites from the SEO aspects. You can easily and locally install this extension on your Mac, Linux, or PC that does spider for your website script, apps, links, CSS and images. You can filter, analyze and view the crawl data because it is collected and gave updates relentlessly in the user interface of your program.

23. SEMrush – Competitor, Ads and Organic Keyword Research


The SEM/SEO expertise developed SEMrush for the SEM/SEO experts. It is such a tool to bring your site to an advanced level. SEMrush tool is capable to acquire a huge amount of SERP information for around 100 million domains and over 106 million keywords. You can have the most accurate and customized analysis in shorter time for any specialized projects.

So guys, thanks to read. I think now you can decide which best free SEO tools you will use for your next website optimization. If you like it, share your ideas in the comment box. It may helpful to others. We also praise your valuable comments.

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