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21 Effective of How to Get Backlinks – Method of 2015

Now a days people search, how to get backlinks or how to get quality, free, .edu authority backlinks with easy way. Ton’s of hungry SEO peoples do that everyday for finding better way. Because we know that backlink building is the most important part of SEO. Past, it was a technique, but now it is just an art. Because, sometimes the method of link building cannot work. But, when you push the art of creating links, it must be fruitful and natural. And so, nowadays, getting backlinks is not easy.

Getting backlinks takes time, practice, money and last of all you have to be more creative to create natural backlinks. There are generally two types of backlinks. These are:

1. Natural Backlinks

These backlinks are most valuable to the readers, and search engines. Natural backlinks usually come out of the great-standard contents that the readers love by themselves. And they ownselves give links to your pages or site. In creating natural backlinks, an SEO expert does not give much effort, just focus on building up a strong background content.

2. Manual or Artificial Backlinks

Building artificial backlinks is the hardest part. You have to put much labor and time, even you may need a good amount of budget. In this way, article submission, sharing links to social networking sites, directory submission, guest blogging, comment marketing and other techniques, all are considered to manual backlink building.

Actually, the marketers who focus on creating a high-user based content, they do not need to tense more about getting backlinks. But, today’s online market is too competitive. Here are lots of good quality contents too. So, you need to take steps both for natural and artificial backlinks.

If you ask me, why most of the marketers are so conscious about creating backlinks. I tell you that- it is the most influential strategy for SEO, and getting ranked in the SERPs. In addition, see the following three reasons:

Reason 01: Creating A Brand

A content basically tells the readers or visitors about your services, products or industry. The backlinks bring lots of traffic to your site from various sources where you linked your pages. They gather your site, read your pages and give opinions. They ask you to want many things. They share the useful contents of your site to others. Thus, your site will be viral and a brand.

Reason 02: Giving Huge Amount of Traffic

No other purposes to create backlinks, but only for getting more and more traffics. And more visitors mean the engagement is increasing on your site. Thus, your site goes to be ranked. Wherever you link your pages or site, all will give back the visitors or readers to your site.

Reason 03: Relationship Building

The links between you and other stand for a good relation. When I link my pages to your site, it means that I like your content.

Reason 04: Getting Ranked- Ultimate Benefit

No doubt, the last goal of getting backlinks is to rank your site. Everything that you get from building links, hits to create a better rank of your site to the search engines or Google. And when you see that your page is ranked, your joys know no bounds. Now just the time to get more and more traffic.

Anyway guys, now the question is:

How to Get Backlinks

There are many ways of building backlinks. In creating backlinks, you have to choose the workable techniques that must be able to return feedbacks. From my experience- today I will give you the most effective solutions of how to get backlinks query. Okay, let’s enjoy:

1. Writing High Quality Content


Getting natural backlinks will be easy if you can publish amazingly good content that can really helpful for the readers. A user-oriented content gets the opportunity of 10x to create real backlinks than a usual content. Nothing is as strong as creating core valuable content that the visitors will really love unconsciously. You can read- how to write a high quality content that goes viral.

2. Sharing links in Google+


Google+ profile allows to make dofollow and contextual links. It is really a great opportunity because Google itself does more favor to the links that are lived on Google plus profile. There is a nice interaction between the users in Google plus profile. Moreover, a good amount of extra traffic you may get from this big social channel.

3. Giving Testimonials

It is a smart way of getting backlinks. For many necessaries we always buy different things online. But, every time we are forgetting to give a simple praise that your products are really good and I am pleased to use it. And this is the easiest way. After using a product, you just give them a testimonial where you can praise their services or products with your website link.

4. Edu Backlinks

.Edu Backlinks are the one of the strongest backlinks. But, really it is hard to get .edu backlinks. The universities or other educational institutions have resource pages where they keep a list of various useful links that the students can get help. If you have helpful and resourceful contents on your site, you can email the universities to keep your pages. If they like your links, they will reserve it for their students. Better to say only 5%-10% of links they approve to be listed in their resource pages. Use seo footpirnts to get .edu backlinks easily. Also you can use tools for finding .edu backlinks

5. Broken Link Building

Broken link building strategy is a killer way of creating a good backlink. It means you have to find out the links that show the 404 message. To look for any broken link on a page you can use “Check My Links” extension for Chrome. This adds ons helps you to detect the broken URL quickly and shows them with red signal. Now you can publish your content in the same category by taking permission of the broken link site owners.

6. Moving Man Technique

This policy of building links is an excellent way for eCommerce site, but it works well for blogs or other sites. You can get a grade-A backlink by this method. There are 3 steps:

  • Find the websites that stopped the business.
  • Find the pages or sites that are linked to the old pages or sites.
  • Analyze them and inform the site owners about their old links.

Now do the final touch. You have to formally inform them that you have a good resource on those topics. If you want, you can add my links to your old ones.

7. Feedback Websites

There are a number of feedback websites. They give you dofollow backlinks. You have to find out the feedback websites and submit your site to them. Then send them a short description about how you want to improve your site. They give you a feedback about the guideline to improve your site. Some good Feedback websites are, etc.

8. HARO Method

HARO means Help a Reporter Out. It is a quality way of getting killer backlinks from the authority news sites. For that, you have to sign up HARO sites. They send you 3 emails a day asking for contents relevant to your industry. You can respond to their emails and write for them.

9. Reviews from Bloggers

Offer your products or services freely to the top bloggers who are using these kinds of products. Who does not like the free ones? Of course, you have to complete this task formally, polite and friendly. You can also tell them if you are satisfied with our products or services, you can give us a review.

10. Comment Marketing

Commenting marketing is a good backlink building technique for the newbies. Find out the niches relevant to you. The sites that allow comments, you must follow them. The most important thing in creating backlinks in comments- you have to write a good amount of texts about the pages or services or products that will look decent and not spammy, then technically you have to add your link. In a word- comment should not be so short- minimum 300 words to be natural.

11. Web 2.0

Sometimes it is referred to link wheeling. It means to publish relevant contents in the free blog sites. It is still now one of the powerful ways of getting backlinks. Whether you are experienced or newbie, you can use this technique. Some popular websites are-,, etc. Sign up and create a new blog there and continuously publish contents that are already viral on your mother site.

12. Yahoo Answer

I think, it can be a good option to get natural backlinks for the newer bloggers. Find out the relevant topic of you and go there. Search the questions related to your industry. And try to answer them. But, the answer should be clear, relevant and not to look like a link-pushing. You have to focus on the giving pure answer.

13. Infographic

Infographic is another excellent way of building high quality backlinks. A misconcept is there, designing infographic is expensive. Though I agree with it. But, you can also create an infographic in cheap rate from various online marketplaces. You have to provide the textual points to the designer. When your design is ready, you should submit them in various infographic submit websites. You can also do guest blogging with infographic contents.

14. Twitter

Twitter is one of the biggest social networks in the world. It allows to publish micro post of 140 characters. Here is also a good option of creating guest post gigs. For that, you have to use the “Twitter Search” option to get the sites that allow guest posts. Then you can share your guest posts on the Twitter.

15. Scoop It

It is a good platform for content curation and marketing. Here you can create good quality nofollow backlinks in a minute. Thousands of people are gathering on this site to display their contents to millions of people. So, lots of people mean you will have the opportunity to create backlinks.

16. Blog Aggregators

Blog Aggregators means the websites that allow the quality site owners to publish contents on those sites for free. Blog Aggregators give you dofollow backlinks just in a few easy steps. Two popular Blog Aggregator sites are and

17. Directory Sites

Many say, directories are old techniques of getting backlinks. But, still it is stronger to create backlinks. And I tell you directory sites may be wonders to build links for your site. Some directory submission sites are: All the Websites, So Much, Directory World, Family Friendly Sites, R-TT Directory etc.

18. Social Media and Bookmarking Sites

There are lots of social bookmarking sites and channels. You can easily share your page links there. The good posts are being viral on the social platforms. And thus you can get trusted backlinks.

19. Forum Posting

You will get lots of forum sites related to your sites or niches. You can attend the forum discussion regularly. It will not only increase your traffic, but also give you backlinks.

20. Article Submission Sites

Article submission sites are the biggest ways of content marketers. Such as-, it is one of the largest article submission sites. You can write here regularly. They will return you lots of traffic and good backlinks. Some article submission sites are:,, etc.

21. Video Posting

There is nothing to say how strong the YouTube video is now. Textual contents are not enough nowadays. You have to emphasize on sharing the video posting. The days are not far away when the video sharing will be more vital because video gives the concept in a short time and practically.

22. LinkedIn Profile

It is the biggest social network in the world for the professional people. Here you can open an account for your business or website. You can share various resources or contents here. You can also create your personal profile and custom anchor text.

Besides the above techniques of getting strong backlinks, you can use the below methods too:

  • Content Exchange
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Press Releases
  • Creating Good Anchor Text
  • Link Exchange
  • RSS Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Profile Posting
  • CSS Submission
  • PDF Submission
  • Image Posting
  • And So On

For creating links, you need the authority sites where you can build backlinks. Why authority site– the backlinks given by the so-called sites are not valuable to the Google or other search engines. But, to find out the relevant sites is a little bit tricky. For this, you have to know some footprints that help you to search the exact site where you want to build your links.

For an example- you want to make a comment on a WordPress powered weight loss site. For this, you have to write a footprint in Google search box that look like- weight loss  “powered by wordpress” “leave a comment” “You may use these HTML tags and attributes:”

Thus, there are lots of footprints for different search targets. But, hardly any people can remember or memorize this huge amount of footprints.

Then, what is the solution.

There are two ways of finding sites for link building. One is memorizing the above footprints and second one is to use a good tool that can give you relevant sites automatically. is such a tool that will give you thousands of sites in a few seconds. It is a completely free link building tool for finding backlink building websites. With this tool, you can easily look for the right and authority website for link building.

How LinkSearching Works
How LinkSearching Works has collected some Secret and Effective footprints. “Footprint is exact search terms or symbols that used in the search box to find the exact websites or links”. This tool has such footprints by that you will get all powerful websites where you can drop your website’s links. Its database gives newer and newer footprints regularly. It has such footprints that you will not get in any forum or blog. The tool has researched it for a long time and shows only the best websites. Also, it includes .edu .gov backlinks footprints as well as Dofollow backlinks footprints.

No more todays. I think you already got your answer about how to get backlinks with easy way. If you have any question, you can ask me freely in the comment section. Or if you have any new idea of getting natural backlinks, you must share it. I will add it to my list.

Last of all, take patience because you cannot create lots of backlinks over a night. For that, you need to write first-class content, then be careful of the techniques that really work to create backlinks.

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