8 Best Free Search Engine Submission Tools

Do you know where your traffic or visitors come to your site from? Search engines, yes, the search engines, like Google send you traffic or visitors. For that, first you have to introduce your website to the search engines or Google. This process is called search engine submission.

You can submit your site to search engines in two ways, like manual and automatic ways. The manual submission takes much time. The auto process takes less time and also accurate. So, you can take help from various free search engine submission services.

Yes, today I will discuss the best 8 free search engine submission services or tools that you can use to submit your URL to the top search engines. Anyway, let’s enjoy the free search engine submission services.

Free Web Submission

This submission site will help you to submit your sites to the well-established search engines. Its technique is combined with auto and manual process. It submits your URL to the most used search engines and directories.


Entire Web

The Entire Web gives you a scope to submit your site to the trusted search engines. About 3.5 million online professionals already have submitted their sites to the popular search engines, like Google, Bing and yahoo by using this tool. It is an easy and fast website that helps you to reach your desired search engines.



Probably, it is the most popular free search engine submission site that works really better. It allows you to submit your site over 100 popular search engines just in a few minutes. So, your sitecan reach the customers and visitors fast.



This website allows you to submit your site free up to 50+ search engines. For this, you don’t need to provide any backlinks or banner clicks. Even it can do your bulk submissions.Serfish

Add Pro

Do you know from where your traffic or visitors come? Yes, the search engines. So, what you should do first? You need to submit your site first to the best search engines that can push traffic to your site. And, this free submission site does this task for you free up to the 18 search engine submission.


Hit Counter Download

As most of the traffic comes from Google search, this website helps you to submit your site to Google more carefully. It submits your URL to Google by manual process to keep it the most correct and trusted. It offers you up to 20 freesearch engine submission.


Clever Submitter

It provides you the total 129 submissions to the top search engines and directories for free cost. So, it is a great opportunity for you. After submitting your site, check your email whether it has been okay. In 5-6 minutes you can complete your entire submission process.


Submitter Bot

Submitter Bot offers you to submit your URL to 500 search engines and directories for free.


I personally tell you, though the free search engine submission is not bad, it will be better if you submit each URL separately to each search engine manually. The manual process is always best and trusted by Google and other search engines.

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